Jotterwood RAV.WALL™ Quick.fit series presents a wide range of 3D Faux Wall products offering design possibilities that boost astounding 3-Dimensional (3D) textured, multidimensional environment and ambience. It projects a bold statement of how 3D feature walls will be a up and coming trend in contemporary interior design. Installation is easy and straightforward as the designer wall panels can be overlayed on existing walls or ceiling. Quick.fit no-hassle installation also makes it suitable for DIY. It can also be coated with a layer of color bringing empahsis to the interior color scheme and bold design intent. RAV.WALL panel system possesses excellent resistant against water, stains and dust thus requiring minimal maintenance. The RAV.WALL (3D Series) selection has been adopted for a wide range of modern living space realization such as: Retail boutiques, commercial offices or residential homes. Complete your modern interior design statement with a unique multidimensional wall and ceiling design today! 

Jotterwood also offers another range of Plank Wall Series which portrays realistic natural wood textures and colors. The wall panel system is highly resistance to water and heat, with low maintenance requirements. The product can be easily installed as compared to existing marketed wood wall solutions. 

Check out our RAV.WALL™ series design here!