Jotterwood latest range of RAV.SLAT™ Quick.fit composite wood ceiling slat solution boost realistic features and elegant textures. The ceiling strip beautifies while exquisitely refining the environment and ambience of the interior space. It caters for necessary depth required to conceal lighting fixture, providing an alternative to false ceilings. Whilst being decorative in a interior space, its excellent resistant to water, fire and insects invasions eases the need for maintenance. As the sole distibutor in Singapore and Asia Pacific regions, we offer a wide series of ecowood Quick.fit RAV.SLAT™ ceiling products which are light-weight, waterproof with UV coating against stains and color fading. Our natural realistic woodgrain ceiling slat are installed with the latest Quick.fit click system offering consumers safe and easy installation. RAV.SLAT has a wide range of design and color selections to suit individual's perceptions of design aesthetic. Our composite wood ceiling innovation is suitable for retail boutiques, commercial offices and residential homes. 

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