Is vinyl flooring only a trend or an evolution of the flooring industry?

Flooring choices for your house can change the look of your room entirely. Having lighter flooring can give your room a cool tone feel and larger living space whereas darker ones makes the room warm and homely. Other than colors, there are other options of the feel and look of flooring such as tiles, stone, hardwood and laminate flooring. But have you heard of vinyl flooring in Singapore?

Vinyl flooring has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially in a humid country like Singapore. It is a new type of resilient flooring available that gives the appearance of rare, highly-priced wood and is budget friendly at the same time. Jotterwood has been recognised to be one of the leading Singapore vinyl flooring distributor regionally for RAV.FLOOR™.

Who is vinyl flooring suitable for?

1. Those who like low maintenance flooring
Not enough time to maintain that beautiful hardwood floor you’ve always wanted? Vinyl flooring choices offers the same hard wood effect and is much easier to maintain that actual hardwood flooring. Though you will need to clean the floors regularly to ensure longevity, a simple damp mop will do to remove stains. Hardwood as compared to vinyl flooring is also easily damaged by water. You can thus use vinyl flooring not only in your living and bedrooms but also in bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas, giving your house a cohesive theme throughout.

2. Those who are on a budget
Vinyl flooring is able to mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring and is also budget friendly. In the long run it will save you money in maintenance on removing stains, scratches, wear and discoloration from the sun. In our sunny and humid Singapore climate, vinyl flooring will definitely save you some money while allowing you the floor design of your choice without paying for the price of real exotic wood!

3. Those with young children or pets
Do you have children at home who like play their toys on bare floors and run around the house? Or do you have pets that scratch the floor and walls? Vinyl flooring is not only scratch and stain resistant but is also slip resistant. Never again will you have to worry not being able to get paint off the floor or your pet leaving scratch marks on the floor and walls. They will also be able to run safely around the house without slipping or falling as compared to tiled or laminated flooring. It is comfortable enough for children to sit on and will ensure their safety with smooth surfaces compared to tiled or stone flooring where they may cut or bruise themselves.

Jotterwood offers a wide range of colors for your vinyl flooring from a light, cool grey Ashley Modern to a deep, warm brown Walnut Creek and more than 30+ colors to choose from. Jotterwood is the sole distributor of RAV Vinyl flooring, a German engineered flooring brand, in Singapore and Asia Pacific and provide services by trained professionals and certified RAV floor installers ensuring you with superb workmanship promising seamless locked surfaces for your feet to feel comfortable on. They also offer other innovative wood products and Faux Wall with realistic effects for anyone who thirst for designer texture finishing.

Interested in getting your own vinyl flooring done at home? Jotterwood main showroom is located at Frontier, 50 Ubi Ave 3 #02-14 for you to choose your preferred flooring options. Email all your enquiries to or call their hotline at +65 63333181.


Introduction to RAV.FLOOR™ – Solid Vinyl Plank

Vinyl has always been a top choice in many leading industries due to its low cost, high performance levels and adaptability characteristics. Statistically, there is an approximate 6% increase in vinyl flooring application between 2011 and 2012. It is however important for consumers to discover the benefits and problems with vinyl plank flooring systems before making a decision.


There are numerous advantages of choosing vinyl plank flooring over other flooring solutions. These are the advantages that resulted in the increasing popularity of vinyl products.

Cost Factor: RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Planks mimics the design and authenticity of natural hardwood while ensuring much cheaper cost than solid hard wood alternatives. Spotting the difference between RAV.FLOOR™ vinyl floor plank and real wood is difficult to the untrained eyes due to Jotterwood's German technology on its material, imprint and emboss finishing.

Wood Grain Design: Jotterwood RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Planks has 30+ uniquely crafted Resilient Vinyl Grade wood grain designs which portrays realistic wood grain texture and rich colors. It consists of multi-wood grain designs for each color, preventing the repetition of the same grain patterns.

Extremely Durable Resilient Flooring: Coated with a 0.5mm wear layer & UV protection, it has one of the most durable UV coating technology in the market, thus making RAV.FLOOR™ resilient vinyl flooring highly resistant to scratches, dents, bumps and stains Its composition also makes it extremely durable. RAV.FLOOR™ unique 7 layers construction is reinforced with fiber-glass which makes individual vinyl floor planks much more stable and compact. RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Planks are also 100% waterproof, highly sound absorbent, termite-proof and fire resistance.

Installation Innovation: RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Plank is easy and quick to install due to the patented German Click Lock System. It results in seamless and ultra-tight joinery. It is recommended that a Jotterwood certified RAV.installer does the installation. Vinyl Floor installation can typically be done within 1-2 working days, which is much faster than typical flooring solutions. Ultimately, less hassle.

Reduced Waste Production: Unlike most flooring solution which requires hacking of existing finishing, RAV.FLOOR Solid Vinyl Planks were designed to be laid over directly without the use of any adhesive. This reduces time taken for overall installation and overall cost (i.e. hacking and transportation of debris). It also allows for a much cleaner living environment while installation is ongoing especially in occupied facilities.

Comfort: Its revolutionary German embossing technique allows for realistic grain texture which, compared to conventional homogenous tiles, provides a sense of relatable texture. Secondly, RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl flooring 7-layers construction composition creates a comfortable underfoot versus typical hard flooring solution. It is warm-footing as compared to homogenous flooring and tiles, making it comfortable to walk on barefooted.

Maintenance: Vinyl flooring in Singapore is typically very easy to maintain as it requires basic cleaning. RAV.FLOOR™ Vinyl Flooring is highly stain resistance making it very suitable for kitchens and households with children and/or pets.


Fading: While vinyl planks have been known to fade over time, RAV.FLOOR™ Rigen© UV coat technology meant that its resilient flooring product will be less prone to the effect of UV rays, making it much more durable than typical marketed products.

Sub Floor Leveling: RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Planks is installed directly onto the subfloor layer. While it is more convenient for a house that requires new flooring solution, It also meant that attention has to be put in ensuring that the sub floor is perfectly level to prevent the distortion of floor planks after installation.


One of the main concerns restricting the use of vinyl flooring is the release of harmful chemical by-products. Jotterwood RAV.FLOOR™ solution is proud to say that its resilient flooring product uses 100% quality new vinyl resulting in its product being 100% Formaldehyde free and zero VOC emission.  

Despite vinyl product being non-biodegradable as of all plastic products, constant advances in recycling technology and its long life span (20 years residential warranty, 5 years light-commercial warranty) allows for the our vinyl flooring product to be 100% recyclable. Jotterwood RAV.FLOOR™ Solid Vinyl Plank has been thoroughly tested and certified by many international laboratories.

All in all, it is important to first weigh the pros and cons of vinyl flooring alternatives before deciding on its suitability. Our company however believes that its advantages outweighs the disadvantages, making RAV.FLOOR™ vinyl flooring an incredible viable option for housing flooring application in SIngapore and most of Asia Pacific countires. The cost factor is especially so, as our resilient flooring design is able to provide 30+ unique realistic wood grain designs while being much cheaper than solid wood flooring solutions. 

Interested in getting your own vinyl flooring done at home? Jotterwood main showroom is located at Frontier, 50 Ubi Ave 3 #02-14 for you to choose your preferred flooring options. Email all your enquiries to or call their hotline at +65 63333181.